Sea Monster Imperial Stout by Ballast Point

The rare seasonal of the deep, Sea Monster Imperial Stout by Ballast Point, only surfaces in the early parts of the year for those who are lucky to snatch a bite/drink of this. This is the second time I get to try this one. I have only seen it during the early part of the year so if you think about getting this one, go for it. This beer is very good. For fans of stout who swim the murky darkness of flavor will find that this one is quite bready and fruity along with the chocolate and coffee flavors. This beer is made with currants, the seedless grape, but has no sourness to it. It is actually the sweet part of this dark fruit that blends well with the yeast to bring about a complex deep and dark flavor that not other fish in the sea can provide oh no….that is for sure. I’ve caught many fish and beers before but a second try at this one makes me want to push it my top 10. San Diego is known to make delicious beers, and this one is one that deserves alot of attention. The vanilla bean, raisin and piney hops are apparent. It is almost like a milk creamy stout. Very easy to drink leaving sweetness in the after taste. It is damn good so like I said, pick this up before it swims away…Some Dark Aura of Belgium surrounds the monsters, something that only you can experience.

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