Madrugada Obscura/Dark Dawn by Jolly Pumpkin Brewing

Rating: 5/5 *9 months aged versionThe 9 month version has more smokey and sour notes. Doesn’t take away from the stout flavor. It actually blends just as good as when I first had it. My favorite Jolly Pumpkin beer. Had to try it now as they say, for these beers, they get more sour as time goes on. So it may be super sour later on XP.

Earlier Review:

Madrugada Obscura/Dark Dawn by Jolly Pumpkin Brewing is barrel aged stout unlike no other. It’s AVB rating of 8.1%. Not bitter, not smokey, not sweet but sourness is the epic here. It is a sour stout and a great one at that. This the second time I go up against this beer. Back then, finding this beer was a true mess as it was very rare. Of-course it is still rare and you definitely have too look long and hard if you want to really know what this is all about. Belgian inspired and dark as the moonless night.
Chocolate, coffee, and bitter grapefruits are there but are immediately replaced by tangy, funky, lactic sourness which are like grapes and cherries. Apple caramel seems to linger in the after taste. Really unique. This beer is proof that even among the different people that like different styles of beers, there are also different emphasis within those styles for be it sweet, sour, bitter or even bland to the tongue. Complexity is the devil of the details presented here amongst great beers. Sour heads will truly appreciate a stout Imperial oak aged stout like this one. You will have to go to the ends of the earth to find it but when you….don’t pass it up…you may never get to try something like this…One of my favorite beers >:)Original Review (2011):

You don’ have to travel to land’s end at the edge of the earth to find this, but damn it felt like it when I was looking for it. When I finally got around to tasting this I was very impressed. Even more different than most sweet coffee/chocolatey stouts I have had before. It starts of with the stout flavor and leaves with a very nice sour, grapey, wine type of finish. Seems like a nice style for the Jolly Pumpkin brewery. A very enjoyable beer in moderation as is does pack a nice punch >:P

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