Guinness Extra Irish Dry Stout

Common Mainstream Stout in many places and easy to find. The Guinness Extra Irish Dry Stout. I don’t often get a chance to review the commoners of the beer world. Never the less, this beer is nothing to shy away from. It is delicious and would prefer to have this over basic bud light if I can help it. This was a gift from my friend Elmer the other day as he somehow hit the jackpot when a friend of his send him a whole of boxes of beer and he really needed to get rid of some. So let’s start out with this beer. I am sure in Ireland this is their “light beer” and when having one it is true Irish beer no doubt. Flavors are roasted coffee, licorice, minor chocolate, minor barley, some smokey thick pork chop flavor..LOL. The beer is dry meaning the flavor only lingers for a little bit before it disappears. Which is not bad as it makes one want to drink even more. It is a good beer to replace when no other beer is around that is worthy of those seeking the craft of brews of the world.

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