High Tide IPA by Port Brewing

ImageFresh Hops High Tide IPA by Port Brewing is their most hoppy and makes bitter lovers happy :P. I get a nice bitter bite form this one. No sweetness here, mainly grassy, piney, citrus, lime and spicy taste. This beer is special as I have not seen this beer anywhere so I had to try it. The beer is made with centennial and simcoe flower hops which are just right at their freshest this time of year. S

o the beer comes out extra strong and bitter :P. Almost thought this was ruination for a sec. This one does give you a chance in terms of complex flavor and not too bitter to overwhelm the taste buds but just enough to compliment the rich flavor.It’s brewed dry so the bitterness comes and goes..LOL just like the crashing tides of the sea as they gently crash the shore. Surely if you are an IPA lover or bitter and hoppy beer seeker, don’t miss this one..because it could be taken back to sea and you may miss your chance to ride this wave 😛

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