Cherry Bexarliner by Freetail brewing

14542466_10103598648731060_1131203906993852741_o 14525140_10103598648726070_4247838851142523554_oRating: 5/5

Cherry Bexarliner by Freetail brewing is a 5.8 ABV Berlinerweisse brewed with Montmorency tart cherries


Freetail from Texas is another awesome brewery that we don’t get beers from here in California. Thanks to my friend Aaron Mendiola of, I am able to present another beer from them. The last Bexarliner brew that I had from Freetail was the Peach Bexarliner a while back. That one was awesome! This one is the Cherry variant and seeing as I loved the peach one, I can only hope it is just as or more awesome than the Peach version. Freetail brewery is another one of Texas best. Let’s take a look, cheers!

Lots of cherries! dark cherry yogurt, tropical fruit pineapple, honey dew melon, passion fruit, dragon fruit hints, prickly pears, strawberries, cranberrries, pomegranates, grapes, plums, oranges, tangerines, wine grape hints and banana hints.

Rich Deep dark and light, sweet and tart cherries forward, cranberrries, pomegranates, grapes, plums, oranges, tangerines, apples, pears, dark cherry yogurt, coriander spice, lychees, lemon peel, lemon candy, biscuit bread, peppercorn, waffle cone, bananas, wheat bread, tropical fruit pineapple, honey dew melon, passion fruit, dragon fruit hints, prickly pears, strawberries, wine grapes, oak, sangria, concorde grapes and salty tejuino maize drink hints.

Finishes semi dry with rich vanilla, tart cherries, wafflecone, biscuit bread, lemon peel, peppercorn, banana hints, oak and wine grapes. No alcohol in the taste. Hazy honey and mild rose colored full body, smooth, crisp, refreshing and effervescent mouthfeel along with an easy to moderate drinkability.

Damn perfect Berlinerweisse. Unlike other Berlinerweisse that borderline the sour funk, this one carefully treads over super tart flavors while embracing the sweet fruity passion of the cherries. I feel I love this one more than the Peach Bexarliner although that one was very delicious in its own way. This one is a definite winner especially if you love cherries and sour ales in general so for that, I’m giving it my high approval.
Anime Corner
Sakura Haruno from Naruto was chosen in this pairing along with an original character as I wanted to showcase the cherry colors of rosey pinks and flavors. Since it is Freetail and its relations to bats and the occult (kind of) I chose to use somewhat of a demonic looking character but also Sakura looking kind of evil. Also, her looking like Kaguya Otsutsuki with the horns/rabbit years also works too. Seduction is somewhat of an evil thing too but when it comes to beer, seduction is delicious! Just like this one is.

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