Kölsch Encounters of the Briny Deep by Nubis Sanctum Ales

13417518_10103320750940460_1126936575964532364_nRating: 4/5

Kölsch Encounters of the Briny Deep by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 6.8% ABV German Kölsch brewed with Azzaca hops.


Project #22 was my first attempt at brewing very close to a light lager. I realize my Gravity was a bit much but luckily it did not get over the top. Needless to say, when I first tried it, it really felt like a clean lager even though it fermented at ale temperatures. I made this beer wanting to take a step back to the first beer I ever made. It was called A Dive Into The Pale, since it was like taking a dive into making beers for the first time. I have come a long way since that time but this time, I wanted to make a testament to what I have learned so far. I made this beer which is a style close to a lager fermented at warm temperatures because with lighter beers, it is much easier to spot off flavors. Therefore, making this one, while easy to make, the outcome would be the hardest part and taking everything I learned, I had to make sure it came out right. While brewing actual lagers requires colder temperatures and temperature control equipment, you can still make a light beer. Well, without further ado, let’s see how my lighter, clearer attempt at a beer turned out.

Pilsner cereal grain, biscuit bread, honey dew melon, banana, citrus, grape and honey hints.

Citrus, Cane sugar hints, biscuit bread, banana hints, grape hints, coriander hints, lemon peel hints, pilsner grain, honey hints, mild vanilla, stone fruit hints, pears, honey dew melon hints, kiwi hints and very minor mango hints.

Finishes with clean and cry with very mild tropical hints on the back end. No alcohol in the taste, Pale hay colored clear body, crisp, clean and refreshing mouth feel and easy to drink.

A very delicious Kölsch. Even though I only used one ounce of Azzaca, the flavor profiles from that small amount of hops is what really started to drive the beer along with the Kölsch yeast which I felt gave it closer to the German lager with the banana notes. The tropics were definitely from the hops. Although the beer came out a bit higher in alcohol than what I wanted, I think it still came out to a really drinkable clean beer. I will definitely make this again but the only thing I would adjust is the amount of malt I add to lower the ABV into the lager range. Despite that, for being so damn clean, clear and above the average tasting lagers, I really enjoyed what I did with this one.

Anime Corner:
Kid from Chrono Cross was used for this beer and pairing as she represents the clean waters, the dive into the ocean. The name of the beer is a play at Close Encounters. In this case, Kid finding this beers is like finding gold. This beer is like the color of gold. Very nice and clear and while it is not worth millions of dollars, the taste buds seem to say otherwise.


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