White Chocolate by Sonoran Brewing

13235495_10103279164050920_685808086453330665_o 13241100_10103279164230560_931700835449277339_nRating: 5/5

White Chocolate by Sonoran Brewing is 4.7% ABV American Wheat Ale brewed with White Chocolate.

Are you #@%&! serious, this tastes just like white chocolate, but its not. Or is it?

Why worry about the details of what is or isn’t, when you can just sit back and enjoy all of the things that make our White Chocolate Ale so damn delicious. While you’re at it, let’s think
about all the cool stuff we did today (or didn’t do). Either way this is the perfect time to find yourself.


I got this one at Downey Liquor in Downey California. I had heard about this one a long time ago and never got a chance to try it despite the fact that I was looking for White Chocolate brews at the time. I had settled for the White Chocolate from the Bruery and White Chocolate Moohoo from Terrapin. So when I saw it locally, I had to get this one right away. While this is not a dark brew, it is a White Chocolate brew I have not tried and now that I remember, possibly the first one I had ever heard of long ago. So let’s see if this one is worth the find. Cheers!

Honey, Vanilla, Danish cream, Marshmallow, white chocolate, coriander spice, citrus, tangerine candy, tropical fruits, stone fruits, coconut, clove spice, flan hints, coffee cake, pears, 3 milks cream, banana and biscuit bread.

White Chocolate, rich Marshmallows, Oranges, Coriander spice, chocolate milk shake, tangerine gummies, biscuit bread, banana, clove spice, honey, coconut, cookie dough ice cream, flan, tres leches/ 3 milks, crème brulee, piloncillo sugar cone, Pancho Pantera Milk chocolate shake, tropical fruit honey dew melon, lychee, dragon fruit, stone fruit peach, pears, apples, butter scotch, milk sugar, red velvet cake, vanilla, coffee cake and Danish cream.

Finishes with Milk chocolate shake notes, marshmallows, white chocolate, vanilla, banana notes, honey, oranges, and honey. No alcohol in the taste, honey colored hazy medium body, crisp, velvety, clean and refreshing mouthfeel and easy to drink.

A very delicious wheat beer that hits that perfection mark really due to that velvety white chocolate flavor. That and the fact that I really love these one off beers that taste like they say they are going to taste. Surprisingly, the whole white chocolate aspect works well with the style of beer. Which reminds me as to why the White Chocolate from the Bruery (Wheatwine) also works so damn well. Definitely worth the find and also isn’t too offensive for new craft beer drinkers.

Anime Corner:
Temari Sabakuno from Naruto was used in this pairing to go with the colors of the label but also the whole aspect of White Chocolate. While she has represented to me the majority of all the White Chocolate beer pairings, having her pair with the colors worked out really nicely. The monkey in this pairing meditates like a monk and while Temari is not a monk, in some parts of the series, her attire kinda looks like a Japanese Monk. Might be a stretch though.



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