BroadAcres by Phantom Carriage

12622451_10103052882071820_8656491043863944424_oRating: 3.5/5

BroadAcres by Phantom Carriage is a 3.9% ABV Berliner Weisse

Bright Acidity highlights lemon notes & Effervescence with a quenching dry finishages well cellaring over time results in a more layered sour with increased funk.


Obtained this one at the Phantom Carriage bottle release. While this is one I had not tried during my visits to Phantom Carriage, I wanted to get it so we can bring it to the site. This would be something you may want to consider if you are ever at the brewery or even happen to find it at the local market if they get them distributed. For this being a Berlinerweisse, there can definitely be some nice tart notes and knowing Phantom Carriage which focuses on the sour beers, we can assume it’s going to be nice and tart! Cheers!

Super funky notes, brettanomyces, stone fruit tart apricots, honey, peppercorn, coriander, wheat, sour lactic notes and cane sugar.

Tart stone fruit peach, wheat bread, honey, funky barnyard hay, salt, lemon candy, lemon peel, cane sugar, brettanomyces, bubblegum hints, banana hints, clove spice hints, lactic sour notes, cereal grain and citrus notes.

Super dry finish with hints of wheat, funk and stone fruits. No alcohol in the taste. Light Pale Strawlight body, crisp, refreshing and effervescent body with an easy drinkability.

A pretty good beer. For being light and generally not very complex, the rich tart and fruity flavors make up for it. Typically, Berliners are the styles that usually are good to relax on a hot day. Basically if you love sours but want something light, then this is the beer for you. I would say it is worth a try for sure.

Anime Corner:
Dead Master from Black Rock★Shooter was used in this pairing to with the Skull label and anything that has to do with being scary in relation to what it is Phantom Carriage does that is awesome.


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