Moses and the Misfits (a.k.a Whammy Bar) by Clown Shoes brewing

12646916_10103044459510700_5405314940686159189_oRating: 4.95/5

Moses and the Misfits (a.k.a Whammy Bar) by Clown Shoes brewing is a 9.1% ABV Imperial Cream Ale brewed with Cacao Nibs and Vanilla beans.

Soulful tunes and great beer touch the best part of us here at Clown Shoes. Moses and the Misfits is an Imperial Cream Ale with cacao nibs and vanilla beans added for a unique contrast in flavor, and it was brewed in celebration of our 6th anniversary. We encourage those who drink this beer to tune into the music they love most and join the misfits of the Clown Shoes brigade.


It is once again, the anniversary of an awesome brewing company. Clown Shoes celebrated their 6th anniversary in December and to kick off stuff, they released a cream ale with chocolate and vanilla. Last year they had the Quadruple ale which was an awesome feat. While this is not a barrel aged beer, I am sure it is not too far from awesome. Or at least I would like to assume given the fact that I have yet to have a bad beer from Clown Shoes. So with the addition of chocolate and vanilla, I am hoping for a much richer cream ale than its base may hint to be. Let’s see what this is about.

Tropical fruits like pineapple notes, passion fruit, dragon fruit, citrus, floral, and grapefruit hops, Irish cream, graham crackers, cherry hints, white raisin hints, white chocolate, caramel, vanilla, brown sugar, banana cream, marshmallows, crème brulee and waffle cone.

Vanilla, Chocolate notes, white chocolate hints, tropical fruit like passion fruit, dragon fruit, kiwi, pineapple, citrus, floral, and grapefruit hops, waffle cone, marshmallows, pilsner grain, white grapes, crème brulee, dulce de leche caramel, Irish cream, graham crackers, cherry hints, white raisin hints, rye bread, biscuit bread, peanut butter hints, pecans and banana cream pie.

Finishes mildy dry with graham crackers, vanilla, white chocolate hints, caramel and grassy hops.
No alcohol in the aftertaste, Golden medium to full body, creamy, crisp, refreshing and smooth mothfeel.

A very delicious cream ale ranging from different sweet flavors. While not the biggest complex thing I the world, the flavors it did have were varying and delicious. One of the best cream ales I have had in a while. It is out there for a limited amount of time so I think if you love cream ales, this is a hefty and delicious one.

Anime Corner:
Asuka Langley Shikinami Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion was used in this pairing to represent all the characters wailing on the guitars. Her colors represent the colors of the beer, nice gold but also the red and brown from the cacao nibs and vanilla all the way to the theme of Moses in which it pairs with the Evangelion series being about Angels and Heaven and Demons. All in all awesome.


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