Funky Kingston by (512) brewing

12615161_10103044302220910_421076015921817763_oRating: 4.5/5

Funky Kingston by (512) brewing is a 7.4% ABV American Wild Ale aged in oak red wine barrels with brettanomyces and Pediococcus .

A funky ale aged over two years with Brett & Pedio in red wine barrels


A special sour brew provided thanks to my good friend Aaron Mendiola of I have had brew from (512) before thanks to Aaron, like their Peach sour which was delicious. This time, it is a sour using different bacteria strains for beer souring and wine barrels so the complexity in the sour spectrum sounds like it could be phenomenal. While Brett is one of my favorites, Pedio and Lacto are some very nice strains. Generally, sours are delicious either way for me. So let’s see what this sour is about.

Tart grape skins, wine grapes, concorde grapes, White wine grapes, dark fruit raisin hints Stone fruit peaches, apricots, mango, leathery notes, lemon peels, oak, caramel, vanilla, lactic acid, apple cider vinegar hints, funky farmhouse hay, peppercorn, mushrooms, rye bread and biscuit notes.

Stone fruit peaches, apricots, old mango, White wine grapes, dark fruit raisin hints, lemon peel, oak, vanilla, caramel, rye bread, tart grape skins, wine grapes, concorde grapes, rye bread, leather notes, cane sugar, honeycomb, peppercorn, funky and musty notes, mushrooms, farmhouse hay hints, vegetable hints, lactic acid, apple cider vinegar hints, wafflecone, crème brulee hints and agave nectar.

Finishing dry with somefunky notes, rich stone fruits, grapes, oak, vanilla, bready notes and farmhouse hints. No alcohol in the taste. Orange honey clear to hazy body, crisp, refreshing and musty mouthfeel alont with a moderate drinkability.

A very good funky wild ale providing the tart fruitiness and funky farmhouse like notes along with hints of the hints of tart sourness but not super sour. Ultimately a pleasantly brew to drink with both sides of the sour and funky coming together very nicely. This brew is something that I think people that love sours and funky wild ales will come to love this one. Very refreshing at that too!

Anime Corner:
Motoko Kusinagi from Ghost in the Shell was used mainly to pair with the colors of the different flavors of dark fruits but mainly with the label for the person with the sunglasses. Another way you can also see this is what lies deep within the sour brews. If only there was some spectacles that would allow sight into what the taste buds see when trying this beer. It would be pretty crazy.


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