Makaria by Freetail Brewing

1911202_10102418552792780_1817744933193795030_oRating: 5.25/5

Makaria by Freetail Brewing is a 5.7% ABV American Wild Ale aged in Wine Barrels.

Makaria is the daughter of Hades and represents a merciful death as opposed to one of misery and utter destruction. This black wild ale shares its genesis with#Ananke, a sour-mashed witbier left to evolve in a wooden tomb. This batch was brewed on Christmas Eve 2013 for release the following spring on Ananke Day 2014. Thank you all for your support of over the years and we look forward to the next step in our barrel program’s evolution at the new brewery.


An awesome thank you for my friend Aaron Mendiola of for providing this my way for the site. Many of the Freetail beers I have had before have been super awesome an wonderful. From La Muerta to Old Bat Rastard. They are some of the best beers out there in Texas. This one along with Endymion were given to me to show on the website for review. Specifically for Makaria, I will later see how it compares to Endymion. Cheers!

Dark fruit raisins, figs, plums, plums, currants, tart raspberries, wine grapes, coffee, black tea, brettanomyces, stone fruit apricots, peach skins, tart cherries, funky must, rye bread, strawberry notes, oak, flowers, earthy notes, berry yogurt, vinegary notes, lemon peel, farmhouse hints, coriander, brown sugar, chocolate notes and lavender.

Tart raspberries, tart dark cherry skins, Dark fruit raisins, currants, plums, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, tart wine grapes, funky must, coriander, farmhouse, lots of the oak barrel, lemon peel, berry yogurt, rye bread, strawberry cheese cake, earthy notes, flowers, concorde grapes, lavender, port wine, molasses, dark chocolate, milk chocolate hints, strawberry notes, blueberry muffins and pecan pie hints.

Good amount of dark tart fruits, oak, musty notes, floral hints, hibiscus flowers and earthy notes. No alcohol in the taste, a dark body, moderate mouth feel and a moderate drinkability.

A very deliciously awesome sour having a lot of tart notes and complexity than overall sweetness. This beer reminds me of a sour with lots of complexity like tart of darkness or in some cases, some of the Jolly Pumpkin beers. This one is definitely for the sour beer lovers for sure. If you like sours, this one is great!

Anime Corner:
Remilia Scarlet from the Touhou Project was used in this pairing since I wanted to fit something that defines the description in the label. Evil and tart, sour but delicious. The aspect of Hades, swift and merciful death instead of agonizing is one that is delivered in this case. The art pairs great with the bats, the colors of the flavor profiles and complexity of the beer. An in your face tart experience that is sweet and forgiving.


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