Abundance by Renaissance brewing

11102_10102205526718740_7303628266843194255_nRating: 5/5

Abundance by Renaissance brewing is a 7.6% ABV Baltic Porter brewed with cherries.

A hybrid of English Porter and Russian Imperial Stout, Baltic Porters are full bodied and smooth, with rich malt flavours. Abundance is brewed with cherries and this helps accentuate the sweetness of the eleven different malts that we used in the mash. The result is a robust, dark beer with exceptional smoothness, less burnt characters than traditional porters and a mellow cherry finish. Abundance is a perfect pairing for a kiwi barbecue, with an iron curtain influence: venin rye bread


A Baltic porter from Marlborough New Zealand. I cannot recall if I ever had had a New Zealand beer before, but what this says it has to offer, I was definitely intrigued with the find. I honestly chose this on a whim since I was doing other beer purchases online and I needed to get another beer to finish my order. This one intrigued me since not only was it a regular porter, but a Baltic one at that. The addition of cherries, well, that just added to how much I wanted to try it. I cannot recall if this will be my first review for a New Zealand beer, but this is a new review here on the site for Renaissance brewing. Cheers!

Coffee, mocha, dark chocolate, chocolate milk shake, milk chocolate, dark cherries, cherry cordials, marshmallow hints, soy sauce, molasses, anise, mint chocolate, brown sugar, Dr. Pepper Cherry hints, vanilla, caramel flan hints, rye bread, pecan pie hints, hazelnut, soy sauce and dark fruit raisins.

Dark Chocolate, chocolate milk shake, bakers chocolate, coffee, cherry cordials, dark fruit raisins, dark cherry, currants, black berries, mild rye bead, marshmallow, mild roasty hints, milk sugar, soy sauce hints, mocha hints, pecan pie, dulce de leche caramel, hazelnut nectar, vanilla, Dr. Pepper Cherry hints, anise, Irish cream and mint chocolate cake.

Mild Roasty coffee, milk sugar, rye bread, dark fruit, dark cherry yogurt hints and dark chocolate. No alcohol in the taste, medium to full body dark crimson body, easy to drink, smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

I could find myself drinking this all day. So much rich flavors and yet so damn smooth. For those that don’t want a super boozy chocolate cherry beer, this fits the bill right here. Lots of flavor complexity with rich sweetness and not overwhelming booziness. Yeah I think I really like this one a lot that I will definitely pick this one up again. Not just worth one try, but several. Especially since all the other great cherry chocolate beers are sometimes harder to find.

Anime Corner:
Asmodeus (Lust) from Seven Deadly Sins was used in this pairing to represent Abundance. Abundance in the sense that this is liquid pleasure to your taste buds. It’s a guilty pleasure. A cherry chocolate and dark fruit guilty pleasure of a beer. This Asmodeus isn’t evil, she only is by name and association with sin. She is very sweet and very approachable and as you can see, there is an Abundance of her to go around. So give her a try, you may like this devil’s water.


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