Citrus Blossom Honey Blonde by Avila Ales

10485948_10102129191036060_803557335149010758_oRating: 4.8/5

Citrus Blossom Honey Blonde by Avila Ales is a 5% ABV Blonde Ale brewed with Citrus Blossom Honey and Fresh Garden Lemons.

Another awesome creation from my friends, Mr. Richard and Mrs. Megan Avila of Lawndale California. This is the 3rd home brew and so far one of the most enjoyable. I had the opportunity to try it and was given a growler fill to be able to bring back home for the review. This beer really hit home for the summer especially since it still hot out even though it is the fall. California, go figure right? Anyway, I was really take a step back as to how drinkable this was very flavorful that I had to take some time to analyze this one and share it with the world. So here it is, the Citrus Blossom Honey Blonde Ale, Cheers!

Oranges, Rich honey, vanilla, floral and pine hops, caramel, grape hints, lemon candy, lemon peel, biscuit bread, hints of caramel and chamomile.

Citrus, honey, flowers, lemon peel, floral and piney hops, lemon candy, honey drops, vanilla hints, caramel, grapes, dulce de leche caramel hints, chamomile hints, biscuit bread, guava hints and hints of butterscotch.

Some floral hops, citrus, lemon peel, biscuit bread and honey lingers. No alcohol in the taste, very easy to drink, smooth and velvety mouthfeel, full hazy body, crisp and refreshing.

Very damn good. Like a rich honey dessert made with oranges. The best part of this flavorful beer is that it is very smooth. Way smooth like drinking honey and lemonade on a very hot summer day. I think it is my friends’ best beer yet and I hope they definitely brew it again.

Anime Corner:
Original artwork by Ozon was chosen in this pairing since I wanted to pair the color and the flavors of the beer showcasing the flowers as orange blossoms and honey. The look of summer and the refreshing aspect of the beer can be seen in the bright colors of this one.


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