Double Dragonfly by Upland Brewing

Rating: 4.45/5

Double Dragonfly by Upland Brewing is a 9.1%AV Imperial India Pale Ale.

We took our award-winning Dragonfly IPA and cranked up the malt and hops, but managed to hold onto the the perfect balance our Dragonfly is known for. The result is a brew with a very powerful hop profile, matching malt character, and an enticing floral nose.

A very very elusive beer. I love IPAs but what really had me hooked on a mission to finding this beer is the label. It is very good artwork, mysterious, dark, lol but at the same time may be quite revealing. Yes that is 2 dragonflies….lol mating probably. Anyways, on to the beer review. There is is this aroma of flowers and honey that come along with the piney, grapefruit and grassy scent that comes natural to IPAs and DIPAs alike. I have reviewed many IPAs and always try to look for what is unique about each one. While some may taste similar or even similar in complexity, some may have certain rooted notes that are more recognizable or stronger than others. For this beer, it is the flowery notes more than tropical or hoppy bitter. Even the appearance is more crimson than some of the other IPAs I have had. The flavors range from cotton candy, caramel, honey, rose hips, hibiscus, cherry, grapefruit, peach, grassy and piney hops, tangerine citrus, herbs, notes of biscuit bread and strawberry jam. The bitterness gives way to the flavors but you can still tell it is an IPA. The alcohol comes as the beer becomes warmer but does not detract from the beer flavors. A pleasant and sweet IPA. Not too bitter, not too tropical in flavors. Not quite a Saison either. Yet, if you can find this give it a try. Unless you like more tropical and bitter beers, it may not be what you are looking for. Regardless, it was a win for me. One that took me almost a year to find :D.

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