Tongue Buckler Imperial Red Ale by Ballast Point

Watch what you say, The seas are not forgiving. Even in the calm, storms will brew and you will be at the mercy of its bitterness. A rare beer I thought did not exist. I only knew about it from a label I once saw but never seen it even all last year. Digging for treasure sure paid off but it cost me my tongue. Oh how the double edge sword is a curse of Davey Jones. For amongst the deep some will find this… Tongue Buckler Imperial Red Ale at 10%ABV by Ballast Point. A ton of malts and hops to sear the tongue off. Bitterness is not the only quality of the beer but caramel malty goodness as well. Think of it as Fat Tire on Steroids. Caramel, pine, citrus, vanilla, apples, Sangria (wine punch), butterscotch, cherry and grape. Very tropical and cherry aftertaste for an aggressive hoppy beer. It all makes sense now. How one has to have an open mind for opportunities and exploration to be able to find something rare and delicious. Look for this one in Bevmo in Torrance. This won’t be out for long. Funny thing was I found this one by accident. Must have been a lucky day…so why don’t you set sail and see what other seas and treasures of flavors you find? Sure you may sacrifice your tongue at first, but unless your willing to find something that works, you will never know what it could be like to swim in the harshest of storms… They will be waiting….

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