TenFidy Russian Imperial Stout by Oskar Blues

TenFidy Russian Imperial Stout is just that, a 10.5% ABV ale made by Oskar Blues Grill and Brewery of Colorado. Apparently this beer was do good to pass up it was distributed and was recommended by this one dude at the store. If you’re reading this dude, you were right bro. WOW. Chocolate Vanilla Milkshake potion here. Difficult to find bitterness as it seems like it is straight sweet. Well there 

is bitter in there alright, mainly chocolate bitters…LOL. Some smokey beef jerky seems to flow through as you drink on. It is a perplex and delicious combo, delicious sweet and smokey. Coffee is not as dominant in this one thought but it is there somewhere. LOL I am sure if they made a six pack of this, it would make one overly drunk….So it is best to just keep it one at a time ;)… Simply amazing how it can mix both the meaty and smokey flavors and be consistent through out. Some beers start off one way and finish another way. Not this one thought. This one keeps it all together and delicious. Surely something those Russian Kings would have in those times but they probably haven’t tried a consistent recipe like this. Since this one is more on the sweeter chocolate side, it works for me. Some people who like bitter beers may or may not find this too attractive. Hopefully the TenFidy ABV will do you justice XD!!!

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