Rest by The Bruery


Rating: 6/6
Rest by The Bruery is a 13.1% ABV Imperial Dark Ale aged in bourbon and wine barrels.
We had a compelling urge to craft a beer fitting of our friend’s seventh anniversary. But urgency wasn’t part of the equation in this complex beer. Six different malt-forward beers were brewed and set to rest separately in bourbon barrels. After months of oak-aging, a portion was selected and transferred for further maturation in the grand cru of California wine barrels. In many ways, this finished beer is greater than the sum of its parts, but at its core, it’s the seventh beer. It’s a memorable finish, and well-deserving of rest.
Awesome combination of bourbon and wine oak goodness really brings out the greatness of both worlds, the good and the evil, the light and the darkness, the oaky and the funky. Definitely a beer worth savoring.


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