The Good, The Bad & The Unidragon by Clown Shoes

10698426_10102150674817390_88086393993892274_nRating: 5.45/5

The Good, The Bad & The Unidragon by Clown Shoes is a 14% ABV Russian Imperial Stout brewed with Texas Dark Malts.

We brewed this special version of Blaecorn Unidragon using dark malts sourced from Texas, attitude sourced from the burning pit of a bad tempered spirit, and righteous fury from the hand cannons of The Good. As you sit down to a glass, remember, there are two types of people: those who drink unidragons and those whose ashes drift in the breeze.

Clown Shoes has been on the move brewing beers specifically for certain states to have taking advantage of the awesome Russian Imperial Stout known as the Blaecorn Unidragon and creating super variants. This is the Texas Only version and there would have been no way I could of obtain this beer if it wasn’t for my friend Aaron and his wife from California will get their version soon, but since I am a fan of the Unidragons, I was very exited to bring this one over to the site for a review. Cheers!

Rich dark roasted coffee, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, bakers chocolate, burnt caramel, rocky road ice cream, vanilla, mild smokey notes, smokey notes, tobacco, marshmallow smore hints, pecan pie flan, brown sugar, fudge cake and milk sugar.

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, rich roasted coffee grounds, bakers chocolate, dark fruit raisins, currants, dark cherries, mocha, Khalua, milk sugar, java, flan, rocky road icecream, mocha, brown sugar, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, pecan pie, Irish cream, fudge cake, sweet toffee, earthy notes, oak hints, molasses, anise, marshmallow smores, coconut hints, smokey notes and tobacco.

Dark chocolate, roasted coffee, earthy notes, tobacco, caramel, vanilla and caramel hints. No alcohol in the taste despite the ABV. It is hidden so damn well. Creamy, silky and smooth mouthfeel, for some reason this has an easy to medium drinkability which really does not make sense despite the ABV. What can be said about the body other than pitch black as the darkest soul of the night and yet an extremely dangerous beer due to the ABV and the drinkability.

This beer is insane and way too drinkable for its own ‘good’, which makes it ‘bad’ since it will get you drunk but its a ‘unidragon’ so drink drink drink! The other thing about this beer is that it is very balanced. I was very surprised about how well I could drink this one to the point where I had to stop myself from drinking the whole bottle in one sitting. Yeah it was that good. If you live in any other state, find a way to trade for this but if you live in Texas, you have to get this one for sure!!

Anime Corner:
Yoruichi Shihouin, Tia Harribel & Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck from Bleach represent the good, the bad and the unidragon. Yoruichi is made to look like the bad guy in the label or the wolf man, although she can turn into a cat at will but it fits. She is good and kind hearted though. Harribel is the Bad in the sense that she was bad in the beginning of the series but now is good and she was the vampire slayer beer so for the purposes of the cowboy in the middle, she is good but in the name of the label is the bad. Neliele was always good and neutral and the unidragon of the original pairings so yeah she is awesome. I made this custom screen to fit the need of the scenery and story telling yet you can find the sources below. Can you find any other way of how this beer pairs?


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