Mach 10 (マッハ – テン) by Bear Republic brewing

11334033_10102637065107350_9186713679267767024_oRating: 5/5

Mach 10 (マッハ – テン) by Bear Republic brewing is a 9.2% ABV Double India Pale Ale (インヂイア ペ-ル エ-ル 2)

Pass through the event horizon with this IPA². American Cascades meld a citrus blast with spicy English First Golds. Savor an intense hoppiness, smooth bitterness and subtle malt character. Prepare to go hypersonic!


Bear Republic has released another awesome IPA. This one, along with the different Racer beers, in relation to anime, have been some of the beers IPAs I have tried. This time, releasing one using the Japanese Katakana writing system confirms their passion for anime too. As such, I had to bring this one on board for the review as well. Cheers!

Stone fruit peach, apricot, pineapple notes, honey, lots of berry hints, passion fruit,tangerine candy, gummi bears, biscuit bread, toffee, pears, banana notes, orange marmalade, rye bread, currants, brown sugar, floral, lemon grapefruit, citrus and piney hop hints.

Citrus, Grapefruit, earthy, piney, floral and lemon hops, honey, passion fruit, tangerine candy, gummi bears, biscuit bread, toffee, pears, banana notes, strawberries, prickly pears, dragon fruit, coriander, caramel, mint, stone fruit peach, apricot, pineapple notes, cilantro, basil, lavender, green tea, hints of sweetened condensed milk, orange marmalade, rye bread, blueberry and currant notes.

Honey, strawberry hints, caramel, stone fruit hints, minor tropical hints oranges, gummi bears and floral hops. No alcohol in the taste, Gold light body, creamy, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel and easy drinkability despite this being high ABV.

A perfect candy IPA. Just to be fair, be warned as this beer is on the fruitier and sweeter side than the hop forward side. Not in the tropical region much but the citrus and malty side. I really like this one so I think to me it hits many levels that I enjoy off sweet beers. So if you are hop herbal centric, this may not be for you. If you love sweeter IPAs then this one might be your beer. Kanpai!

Anime Corner:
Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion was used in this pairing as to go with the whole aspect of the racing uniform suit. Although, many of the characters I have chosen for the Racing series of Bear Republic IPAs, this one is more of a jet fighter one. Well, Rei pilots an Evangelion, a robotic/biological suit. As she is in this picture piloting, she looks like she is on a fighter plane and the colors just adds to the greatness that compliments the beer label.


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