Black (黑) by Mikkeller

ImageKuroi or Black (黑) is what this is. Take a brew to pitch black…maybe a little more than a stout and you have the Mikkeller Black Stout. Not much to the label..just the Kanji symbol. As black as ninjas. You probably cannot see it from this picture but there is some serious red bubbles I saw from the brew head. This brew should not be taken lightly and it will damn the soul. Mikkeller makes these with different variety of aging processes. Some made with cognac, whiskey, bourbon and other. This is made with Water, malt, roasted barley, dark cassonade, ale yeast and champagne yeast. The flavors on this mad brew I found at the Downey liquor, yes the little local liquor one town away. Was the only bottle left on the shelf but it was a stout that read 16% ABV. It sure feels like more though…LOL. The sweetness I get is chocolate coffee with lots of dark cherries and vanilla. These cover up the boozy feel of the alcohol but the after taste is a smokey bitter roast. So delicious a find. It sure as heck surprised me how it was not yellow brown at the bit of fizz but brown purple and red. LOL like in that pic with Seras Victoria from hellsing who was turned into a vampire and must forever drink blood in order to live. Awesome show by the way. This beer is a true ninja as you will not expect it when it slices your senses and leaves you there in awesome sweet but knocked out bliss. Sou Desuyo. Biiru wa oishi desuyo ^.^b. This also reminds of when ichigo turned into his Muigetsu and cast the final getsuga, PITCH BLACK!!. Fortunately there is a lot of light to this…LOL the fact that you will like it’s sweet taste…>:) Evil though…sort of ;P. Buy it you find and drink in moderation 🙂

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